About us

Frederique Deleage is a full of life French woman who setup her beauty empire in Hong Kong 35 years ago.  A forty-year career in the beauty field has earned Frederique a reputation as one of the leading international spa and beauty experts in Asia.  Known as a pioneer in the spa industry, she has extensive experience designing and setting up spas worldwide.

Frederique broke new ground in the Health and beauty industry with the introduction of a new concept of holistic health and beauty nonexistent in those times.  Her constant travelling abroad broadened her outlook on different cultures and lifestyles.  Her spa experience helped her design her villa in Samui magical villa Thai  on the island of Koh Samui with her partner in life, Dr. Patrick Caviness.

Patrick runs a small construction management company, Samui Custom Villas that supervises the building of Five Star private villas.  Combining their talents, visions and high standards, the couple took two years to build their dream vacation home Koh samui .  They have lived full time in Samui for over five years.  Three lovable Samui cats, a faithful housekeeper and Thai gardener delight in sharing their elegant home, spacious grounds and tropical gardens. The samui weather is warm and breezy .You can see our location on any Samui map

IMG_55271Patrick, Frederique, Chickpea and PapacatPatrick and Frederique The Home OwnersPatrick In A Dream State

Frangipani Villa living room